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    Deck/Porch Repair and Staining

    Are you looking to invest in your home? Building a deck outside your home is a fantastic decision! Your deck is one of the most relaxing and stress relieving place to spend time to rest and hang with friends and family. Your deck can be used for any number of things from entertaining, grilling, get-togethers, and sunbathing, even more so on hot days and in the summer. If you own a deck it is important to ensure that it continues to remain in perfect condition to continue all the benefits that your deck offers. Although most of them are built to stand up to even the most extreme weather elements as well as years of exposure to direct sunlight, patios and decks are still be susceptible to damage. You will need to contact the right builder to repair it if your deck becomes damaged. So, our company, JB New Braunfels Deck Builder, is just the deck and porch company you need. Deck installation and repair services are our bread and butter from businesses to residents across New Braunfels to San Antonio Texas. We bring a plethora of residential and commercial services like: deck building, arbor, gazebo, and pergola building, patio cover building, and even more related services.

    Termite Damage

    Were you aware that termites are enemy number one when it comes to defending for decks condition? Due to your deck being located outside of your home, it is always under the threat of these destructive bugs and insects which are fully capable of destroying your deck. Therefore, if you or a family memeber suspect or even notice a possible termite infestation in your home, it is important to reach out to pest-control ASAP before it becomes worse and can destory our whole property.

    Deck Discoloration

    Due to constant change in temperature everyday and even more so during the changing of seasons, you can see some fading or discoloration on your deck over an extended time. The boards of a discolored deck can give your modern deck an outdated look and this is why it's important to refinish it after every few years or so. The professional deck contractors here at JB New Braunfels Deck Builder can do this job with ease and will ensure your deck continues to look great!

    Weak Posts

    Weak posts is one issue that warrants an immediate deck repair. This is due to the risk it can put on you and your family safety whenever you are on the deck by possibly hurting someone if it broke. Though 6 by 6 posts are the main posts used on modern decks, it is still extremely important to check them routinely confirm they are indeed attached firmly to the deck. Furthermore, it is important to check for water damage or moisture accumulation on your posts to see if they are rotting. Be sure to call right away to replace any deck boards or posts that indicate signs of decay or damage.

    Bad Beams

    It is important to check for water damage or cracks in your deck beams and not just in your boards. Any and all beams should never be sagging and always be firmly fastened to the deck and ground. Just the slightest of defects in your deck beans can be a danger, it is important you call us right away to repair that beam to confirm that deck is safe for your family to be on and use for all your outdoor gatherings.

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    Broken Deck Boards

    With decks being always under duress from rain or moisture, it is very possible to see a broken deck board in no time at all. This can be a big safety hazard since the continous movement of the board can create weaknesses in the board and crack it. So, as to not have any accidents, you should call us, a deck repair and replace contractor, to fix or replace the boards needed. Experts recommend doing a full board replacement rather than repairing it as it is more cost-efficient. Never feel as though you should do the task yourself without first knowing how to install it correctly. Make sure to call a professional carpenter skilled in the trade and using the tools.

    Structural weakness

    To finish, most decks are built by an inexperienced homeeowner that will tend to affect the integrity of the deck after a period of time. If you take a step on your deck and the board or anything else feels weak, then your deck will for sure be in need of a repair. Remember to look at the post connections, ledger boards, and joist hangers when checking underneath your deck making sure everything is complete and secure. Call us right away if you are not sure about any support or connections so we can look over and fix any problems with your deck.

    These are the common issues of decks. If you notice any of them on your deck, be sure to give us a call to come out and repair or replace whatever it may be. Here at, JB New Braunfels Deck Builder, we offer a free quote for all our services. Contact us today for all of your deck repair and maintenance needs.

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